Off-White Pashmina Stole with Paisley Embroidered Motifs on palla

Rs. 13,500.00

SKU: PS2016003

Hand woven & hand spun pure Kashmiri pashmina stole in off-white color with hand embroidered paisley motifs on the palla. The multi color paisley motifs are authentic to Kashmiri handicrafts and provide a beautiful contrast with the base color of the stole. Floral hand embroidery on the border further enhances the finesse, providing it the requisite edge.

 Size        : 78" x  27"

Material  : 100% Pashmina

Brand     : bON vIVEUR

Location : Made in Kashmir

Care Instructions for Pashmina: This product should be treated with care. Color variations and natural markings are inherent to the fabric.

Washing Instructions: Preferably Dry Clean OR wash in cold/ luke warm water with mild soap. Do not wring. Dry on flat surface. Do not hang when wet.

Ironing Instructions: Preferably steam press OR Iron on very low heat, keeping a cloth between the iron and pashmina.