bON vIVEUR is a french word meaning 'Live Well'. Believing in the same philosophy, we bring to you an exclusive range of pure pashmina stoles to add the touch of luxury to your wardrobe. This culturally rich accessory is assured to add the sparkle to your personality and help you discover a New You! Grab the style of your choice and Just be New!

Pashmina Stoles/ Wraps

Authentic Pashmina Stole, scarf or wraps are a symbol of pure luxury and fashion. This culturally rich product not only provides the warmth but also the luxurious touch to your attire! They can be draped in multiple styles to compliment any outfit, be it Indian or Western and for any occasion or event. However, before making an investment in this delightful luxury, you must be sure of the authenticity and purity of the product. To help you with the same, we guarantee that ALL pashmina products displayed on our website are absolutely Pure Pashmina sourced and hand picked from Kashmir.


What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is a type of fine cashmere wool, textiles from which were first woven in India. This wool comes from the goat 'Changthangi', which is a special breed of goats found in the high altitudes of Himalaya, Nepal and Pakistan. The goat sheds its winter coat, especially its inner wool, every spring, which regrows in winters. The inner wool is collected and  spun to produce Pashmina. Pure Pashmina is slightly gauzy and loose weave as the fibre cannot take high tension. They are known for their softness and warmth. Cashmere used for Pashmina is of superior quality due to the enhanced sheen and softness.

High quality Pashminas are always handspun with other fibers including Cashmere and Silk. Each Pashmina Stole/ Shawl is individually hand dyed and hand woven to adorn multiple patterns like Paisleys, Chinar, floral prints, as well as modern fashion trends like Burberry and Louis Vuitton.   


Care Instructions for Pashmina

Pure Pashmina is an extremely delicate fabric and needs utmost care for sustaining it's long lasting beauty. Having invested in this luxury product, one must follow the below instructions to maintain the sheen and softness of their Pashmina Stoles.

Washing: Preferably Dry Clean OR wash in cold/ luke warm water (towards colder side) with mild soap. Do not wring or wash rigorously.

Drying: Dry on a flat surface. Do not hang when wet. Else, the fibre will get stretched and loose it's shape.

Ironing: Preferably steam press OR Iron on very low heat, keeping a cloth between the iron and pashmina. Never iron a pure pashmina directly.

Storing: Store pure pashmina in a cool dry place, away from humidity or moisture.



Note: On account of nature of the product, the actual colors might vary slightly from the ones shown in digital pictures.


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