Lavender pashmina stole with hand embroidery on border

Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 8,000.00

SKU: PS2015111

A perfect combination of grace and elegance, this lavender pashmina stole, handspun and handwoven in the luxurious fabric expresses the happiness of the arrival of winter. The intricate hand embroidery on the border gives the stole it's finishing touch and you get to drape it around your neck either in a french knot or just make it fall on your shoulders. The soft colour on the rich fabric makes it a must have accessory to define luxury with comfort.   

Size        : 78" x  27"
Material  : 100% Pashmina
Brand     : bON vIVEUR
Location : Made in Kashmir

Care Instructions for Pashmina: This product should be treated with care. Color variations and natural markings are inherent to the fabric.

Washing Instructions: Preferably Dry Clean OR wash in cold/ luke warm water with mild soap. Do not wring. Dry on flat surface. Do not hang when wet.

Ironing Instructions: Preferably steam press OR Iron on very low heat, keeping a cloth between the iron and pashmina.